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With the highest bear population in the lower 48, the Olympic Peninsula of Washington, produces serious opportunity for trophy coastal black bear. Our climate and terrain are exactly like that found in the "famous" Vancouver Island area, making the Olympic Peninsula a bear hunter's paradise. August through October prime pelted black bears often exceeding 400lbs and 7 foot square are thriving since the outlawing of hounds and baiting 21 years ago. True spot and stalk hunting is done early in the mornings and in the evenings, in pre-scouted areas, over old, logged, cut units and berry fields. Different calling techniques are used in the open spots of the thick underbrush near travel routes for an up close shot during the mid-mornings and early afternoons. Black Bear feeding habits are a lot like deer, in and out of a food source, thus making them easy to pattern.  We target bears in the 6 foot plus category due to absolutely no hunting pressure. Being the only bear hunting guide and outfitter in the area, we have averaged an 80%  harvest success for the past 20 years. If you are looking for a true spot and stalk TROPHY COASTAL BLACK BEAR HUNT, look no further.  Washington State is second only to Alaska in bear population, and offers two tags per hunter

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Trophy class black bear hunting on the Olympic Peninsula can be the biggest thrill any big game hunter could ever encounter. While glassing over old logged units full of prime vegetation, you HEAR them long before you see them as when feeding they can be quite noisy. Getting all set up for the shot when the bear shows himself is an adrenaline rush unlike any other. With over 17 years of "NO DOG" pressure 6ft+ bears are very common or the monster 7fter may show himself. You DO NOT have to go north of the boarder or to Alaska
for a record book bear. We harvest 4 or 5 B&C bears every year. Most of the shooting is under 100yds. Sitting in ground blinds above the feeding area gives you very good vantage points and shooting lanes to make the perfect shot. Our Hunts are not very physically challenging as most places are within 1/4 mile of old logging roads  accessed by ATV and walking, so being physically fit isn't a necessity. Being good with your weapon, whether rifle, pistol, muzzleloader or bow is more important then anything. Most of your shots will be with a rest and you will usually have plenty of time to make a clean shot. A larger caliber weapon is preferred, as bears can soak up some punishment. 7mm or better is preferred with good quality ammunition and the heaviest bonded core bullets available.